Real-time behavior and interaction

Artificial Sensing is an integrated journey analytics platform that accurately captures and processes customer behavior patterns in designated areas of interest.

Endless Market Applications

Real-time queue and transactional visibility

The Power of Artificial Sensing

Unparalleled real-time data on customer interaction and behavior

Analytics & Operations

  • Access real-time dashboards and reports from any device
  • Leverage industry specific algorithms and metrics to provide actionable insights
  • Automatically receive alerts to manage issues before they escalate

Optimized Staffing & Operations

  • Capture customer interactions and transaction rates
  • Measure traffic volume and track flows
  • Improve resource planning and allocation

Enhanced Customer Experience

  • Accurately measure and display queue length
  • Estimate and reduce wait times
  • Calculate and improve service level

How It Works

Here’s the magic behind Artificial Sensing


Depth sensors provide the most accurate measure of target’s size, position and movement.


Sensors are positioned and configured with the desired area to maximize coverage and efficiency.

Data Accuracy

Our smart algorithms and business rules ensure relevancy and accuracy of the data being captured. These algorithms can be configured to meet your specific needs.

Artificial Sensing sensors capture 3-D images (A), which are later assembled into an array (B).