The Missing Link for Better In-Store Performance

Our Shelf “Operating System” (SHELF-OS) provides retail operators with the opportunity to improve operating margins while driving better customer satisfaction. We achieve this by capturing real-time on-shelf inventory and data that triggers specific actionable workflows tailored to correct and monitor corrective measures.
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Out of stock (OOS) is a BIG problem

Big Numbers

Product overstock (poor rotating items) is also a challenge accounting for 2-4% of lost
sales per store. According to the latest report by the IHL Group, OOS and overstocks
costs retailers an estimate of $253BB in North America alone.


How is this a challenge for the industry…

Our Solution: Shelf Hawk

24/7 Non Invasive Data Capture through
the eyes of our 3D sensor cameras

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On Shelf Intelligence

  • Real-time Stock Audit: Full, Low, OOS
  • Planogram Compliance
  • Product Pricing Verification
  • Monitor Merchandising Services
  • POP Marketing Audit

Actionable Workflows

  • Automated task alerts: reface, replenish
  • Role based communication: associates, managers, service providers
  • Messages through SMS & WhatsApp
  • Prioritized Alerts Task List

Enhanced Analytics

  • Shelf Market Share
  • Profit Opportunity Optimization
  • Product Rotation Ranking
  • Consumer Traffic Heat Map
  • In-store restocking efficiency

The Shelf Hawk Difference

24/7 Non Invasive Data Capture through the eyes of our 3D sensor cameras


Highly Accurate
3-D Visualization...

Unlike other technologies, Shelf Hawk is not limited to a 2D data image analysis. By also measuring depth we can visualize and develop data models with accurate results. Our patented algorithms measure shelf volumes in real-time and send alerts to take action accordingly.

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…allows Shelf-OS
to capture significant value


Decrease in
Loss Sales


Less Out-of-Stock


Decrease in
Re-Stocking Times

*case study results insight from piloting project.

Easy Setup & Installation

Setting up a Shelf Hawk requires no skilled labor, just:
  1. Take it out of the box
  2. Install it at a desired location and plug it in a A/C outlet
  3. Register it in our platform and set it up
  4. Log into the Shelf-OS platform with your authorized credentials
  5. Follow the step-by-step process for the planogram and actionable workflow configurations
Done! Users will receive SMS/WhatsApp notifications when a product event occurs (high, low, out).

Good bye OOS!