Virtual Q minimizes customer exposure to "outside" lines when visiting stores, supermarkets and offices by providing a contactless way to manage customer flow.

VirtualQ is a digital contactless platform designed for stores that want to keep operating safely in times of COVID-19 with features that benefit both customers and employees. VirtualQ helps you to:
  • Maintain social distancing and limiting exposure of clients and employees
  • Manage customer flow and occupancy
  • Provide options to offer time slots to visit
  • Enable multiple-line management
  • Capture customer satisfaction

Users and businesses need to follow a simple process to use the platform:

Users only need a smartphone and follow these steps...

... while businesses that want to offer this service have to follow these:

You can download the app here:

vq icon

Virtual Q Solutions

for the customer:

Click on the video to see how to easy it is for your customer to use Virtual Q!

For the business:

Click on the video to see the easy steps you must follow in order to offer Virtual Q by registering and using our easy QR code system!

To start with VirtualQ you just need to:

How satisfied are the consumers with businesses that have adopted virtualQ?