Supermarket Retail

On the floor retail metrics have often been overlooked for many reasons. As e-commerce continues to reach into brick and mortar market share, physical retail will evolve to better serve its customers and to improve operating margins. Our solutions provide retailers these essentials tools to move into the smart retail revolution.

Start measuring real-time floor metrics

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Control customer entry via tickets or appointment People Counter- have knowledge of the number of customers inside your store Product overstock: product is underperforming in category Our Social Distancing index provides data into customer proximity behavior Planogram Compliance Alert: misplaced product Monitor the amount of customers waiting in line to pay Price Compliance: Incorrect pricing Retrieve Customer Feedback CPG Insights: market penetration pricing ranking POP Marketing: audit promotion execution. competitor POP awareness. Consumer Heatmap: Gain detail knowledge of aisle traffic

Understanding shelf level activity benefits all stakeholders

Whether the focus is to maximize store productivity or to better understand consumer trends, Akcelita offers a variety of services tailored to everybody.

Supermarket Floor

Retail Operation

Gather every important metric that will increase your sales while improving customer experience: manage Out of Stocks and Overstocks, limit product misplacement, merchandising services, get insights on aisle traffic, setup customer tickets & appointments, control number of customers inside store, react faster to paying customer lines and social distancing measurements, retrieve customer feedback.

Supermarket Floor

CPG Brands

Acquire floor metric knowledge that will improve your sales strategies with tangible real-time data: learn about your product performance inside its category (penetration and pricing comparisons), know how long customers look at your product, protect your planogram setup, be aware of incorrect pricing, audit POP marketing & gain knowledge on competitor POP.

Grow your business with better data

Let our patented volumetric quantifying algorithms be a tool for managing your day to day operations and provide all the important metrics to analyze product performance.