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Our Beliefs

All of our developments always have in mind the satisfaction of the user's needs as a priority. The "user" can be a final customer as well as employees or third parties interacting with our solutions.
We believe in continuous improvement enabled by a fast cycle of testing and learning. Our general curiosity helps us explore results and ask until we understand the root cause that allows us to achieve improvement.

We are convinced that better results are achieved when our team collaborates and communicates continuously with the members of the client's team.
We are "technologists" and humans... We understand that changes are difficult and we strive to help our clients modify solutions in a way that can integrate other dimensions of the problem we are working on.
Simplicity of solutions both in the front-end and back-end make solutions easy to use, change, maintain, and improve.

Our Tech Stack

We are "cloud agnostic" and can deploy solutions in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud or Oracle Cloud. We build where our clients desire.

We use commonly and broadly adopted languages and frameworks (C#, Python, React and React Native) minimizing sustainability efforts and avoiding "lock-in" effects.

On the analytics side, we implement code in Python, SaS and R, visualize data in Quicksight or Powert BI, and are proficient in Computer Vision, Statistical Analysis and Machine Learning. 

Akcelita's way 

We adhere to the agile manifesto creating a working environment of collaboration, innovation and excellence. We typically work with our client's leaders and their internal teams or external consultants. 

We have established, and constantly improve, our Secure-Software Development Life-cyle (SSDLC) incorporating security and quality early in our projects . We continuously perform static security tests and depending on the project, we offer Red Teams to continuously "hack" the solution and minimize cybersecurity risk.

Examples of our work - Bespoke Digital Solutions

Digital procurement for a local government. We developed in conjunction with one of our consulting partner a procurement system that digitally manages the procurement process for a large local government in the US.
Loan origination for retail and commercial segments. We developed in conjunction with one of our consulting partners, a complete end-to-end workflow to digitally manage the origination process (lead, KYC, underwriting, legal) improving productivity, sales and visibilty.
Human Resources management. We developed in conjunction with one of our consulting partners a platform to manage all HR requests for a large public utility company. We enable and integrated multiple modules that helps our clients streamline HR process, Legal processes and HR Capacity Optimization.
Fleet Management workflow for a large government agency. We worked with on of our consulting partners to design and develop a bespoke solution that would allow the government agency to comply with current laws while optimizing and streamlining all their fleet management processes.
Step App. We developed, piloted, deployed, and supported an end-to-end digital solution for Medicare Advantage plans in the US.
Fast food restaurant app. We developed a suite of cloud-based native apps that streamlined the ordering, scheduling, preparing, and delivering fast food products.

Specialty work

Shelf-OS is a 3D computer vision sensing platform that identifies when products are running out of stock at supermarket shelves. We developed software and hardware to support operations and installed it in 50+ stores.
VirtualQ is an integrated ticketing and customer satisfaction system. Virtual Q uses QR codes or SMS to manage multiple queues in a retail store setting. After clients are served a feedback form is sent asking about their experience. Clients in banking, insurance, supermarkets, and a variety of retail oriented businesses use VirtualQ.
Artificial Sensing is an integrated journey analytics platform that accurately captures and processes customer behavior patterns in designated areas of interest.